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Art director of music program David Avdysh
Coach of music program Irina Avdysh
Singer Olga Avdysh
Ballet-dancer Anastasiya Pleshkova
Leading dancer Dmitry Melnik
Leading dancer Dariya Avdysh
Leading dancer Anton Ivanov
Leading dancer Aleksandra Zakatova
Ballet-dancer Nadezhda Alekseeva
Leading dancer Elena Egorova
Ballet-dancer Galina Chistyakova
Ballet-dancer Alina Orlova
Leading dancer Halyawin Andrey
Leading dancer Dydnikov Denis
Leading dancer Dorofeev Anton

The centre of guests’ attention is a stage. In the evenings the curtain rises and the faery performance begins. The famous variety show, that has been on tour in 25 countries of the world, headed by irreplaceable director David Avdysh – is a professional ballet and unique vocal, bright costumery and always changing productions. The actors offer the program in two parts: Russian styled folk ("Kalinka-malinka», «Korobeiniki», etc.) and compositions by modern hits. The program is always interesting either for Russian or for foreign guests, not for nothing Sharl Aznavur , who visited «Troika» in his time called it «Moulin Rouge» on Neva banks. After the show there begins the performance of the pop group and all the guests are invited to the dance floor.

At the present time the actors are popular not only on the their home stage but are also around in different city events (Tennis Tournament St-Petersburg open, international exhibitions) , get on tour abroad and successfully perform on cruise liners Emerald Princess, Tahitian Princess and other pop stages.


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